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超过 100个品牌创建专业经验。



Who are we?


We are the full scale branding agency with more than 5 years appearance in the market. A passionate team with a mission to boost local SME's to complete the branding and online marketing & advertising at an optimal cost.


With servicing more than 100 brands, the team are expertise on Corporate branding, Marketing, Social media management to advertising strategy & more!


Be the king of social media, your strategic partner Facebook, Instagram, Tripadvisor, Youtube, Twitter, Google+, & other relevant social media platforms. Never hassle about the your branding & marketing activities again!

​拥有超过5 年的市场经验,主要为中小型企业提供专业的品牌顾问服务,并提升市场业绩,通过社交媒体以及网路让品牌的曝光率巨大化。期间创造并担任超过 100 家的品牌顾问,并提供有效的社交媒体策略,市场规划,广告设定,以及更多的促销活动。

成为行业中的王者,找对了品牌伙伴,不需再为网路广告烦恼不已!Facebook, Instagram, Tripadvisor, Youtube, Twitter, Google+ 等将成为您的最有效的广告工具。

Mission 使命

Empowering local SME's and brand to execute branding strategy with an effective approach at an optimal cost.


Our Founder

​BBS & Stayhi Asia 创办人

Nick Ghey (Bank)

I want these result!
我想要以上Facebook 效应!
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I want these result!
我想要以上Facebook 效应!

Industry 领域

F&B 饮食业

Fashion 服装业

Retail 实体业务

​Corporate 企业

Hotel & Hospitality 酒店业

​Cryptocurrency 加密货币

Online E-commerce 网店

​Art & Culture 艺术及文化

Services 服务

Facebook Marketing 脸书广告

Facebook Design 脸书设计

Branding 品牌塑造

​Website 网站创建

Content Write Up 原创文案

Google Ads 谷歌广告设定

Media Creation 多媒体设计

​Video Production 影片拍摄


Our Team




The team has helped me on cost saving and promoting my brand thru a successful and tactical approach.

Mr. Lim / FMCG Retail Marketer / Founder

The solution and perfectly build for startups and entrepreneurBranding and marketing at one place.  ​​

Alvin / Mobile App Developer / Co-founder

StayHi Consultancy


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